TRICORE has moved past the outdated break-fix model that still dominates the electronic security industry. Instead, TRICORE offers a higher level of service by providing our clients dedicated on-site technical resources responsible for sustainment, administration, and support of our client’s security program. TRICORE support services include database management, backup and recovery, assistance in developing policies, procedures, and best practices, programming, training, and program management. Additionally, clients are provided access to our browser-based service portal that demonstrates our performance in relation to agreed-upon response times and resolution metrics.


TRICORE has taken a lead role in the migration of proprietary security systems that once functioned in stand-alone isolation to a unified platform leveraging non-proprietary technology and IP-enabled devices that communicate across multiple facilities, campuses, and cities. TRICORE has developed a specialized methodology for Enterprise migration and conversion initiatives that results in the reduction or elimination of system downtown through the transition process. The process utilized by TRICORE identifies the best strategy to leverage existing investments, the most advantageous long-term technology solution, the corresponding funding requirements, and a successful migration plan and course of action.

The technical, project management, and policies, and procedures that must be implemented in migration and conversion require specialized expertise and extensive planning. TRICORE’s past performance has allowed us to develop a comprehensive migration and implementation plan, featuring a detailed technical description of the process, the sequence of work and associate milestones, contingency plans and procedures, and the requirements, specifications, and objectives for the overall project. If your campus, city, or organization is faced with a large-scale migration and conversion, please contact TRICORE today to develop the roadmap that will lead to a successful project roll-out.


TRICORE is an independent systems integrator that partners with a wide range of industry-leading software and hardware manufacturers. Our focus is on solutions – not products – that provide unified, open-architecture platforms to meet the regulatory and organizational requirements of our clients. We work closely with our partners to learn their systems in detail, invest in factory certification and training programs, and collaborate on product development. Our focus is on providing the best combination of software, hardware, and professional services to achieve the near-term and long-term objectives of our clients.

TRICORE recommends the purchase and implementation of non-proprietary software and hardware. While proprietary equipment often features a lower initial purchase price, the long-term costs can be substantial due to increased product support costs, maintenance, replacement parts, and product obsolescence. TRICORE is qualified and proud to provide, deploy, and maintain non-proprietary solutions from the best-of-breed technology manufacturers in the industry.