While TRICORE is called upon to provide a full range of sophisticated technology and specialized products, our team understands that successful security integration is not a technology issue – it is a partner issue. The right partner will bring the best-of-breed technology supported by elite engineering, project delivery, and service and support infrastructure that ensures a client’s technology systems are properly designed, deployed, and maintained. TRICORE’s principal mission is to serve as our client’s security advisor in a relationship-driven partnership based on trust, mutual respect, and accountability.

TRICORE recognizes the need to bridge the gap between those who produce technology and those who use the technology. As a result, TRICORE features an elite team of specialists that offer subject matter expertise at all levels of our organization. Our team members include certified design engineers, factory-trained field deployment personnel, and certified service, training, and operations support personnel. Our executive management team includes the experience and expertise of industry leaders who have built the systems, processes, and execution capabilities required to serve as a trusted partner for the most complex integrated security management deployments throughout North America.


TRICORE goes beyond the traditional role of an installing contractor to a model that supports our clients from concept through technology lifespan. The customer-driven TRICORE model includes project design and budgeting, program management, 100% engineering, programming, training, and comprehensive support services that include preventive maintenance, on-site operation and administration support, and remote monitoring, diagnostics, and remediation programs. Our goal is to provide a superior security program coupled with security advisory services to enable our clients to make informed decisions related to budgets, timelines, cost-benefit analysis, and long-term performance and support.

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